• Prof. Zohreh Rahimi       
  • Dr. Kheirollah Yari
  • Ziba Rahimi            



  • Molecular Genetics


    Research Interests and Projects:

  •  The study of LncRNAsexpressionin breast cancer
  • The study of folate metabolizing  gene variants in breast cancer
  • The genetic study of inflammatory factors in relation to lipid profile in acne vulgaris
  • The study of gene variants involved in androgen biosynthesis in relation to sex hormone levels inacne vulgaris
  • The study of Insulin and IGFI gene variants in relation to insulin and IGF1 levels in acne vulgaris
  • Genetic studies of NOTCH1, Chemokine ligands and Tp53 in chronic lymphoblastic leukemia (CLL)
  • Genetic and epigenetic studies of human diseases

The study of biochemical alterations in human diseases